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Woman Smiling After Facelift

Compare the Cost: Fillers vs. Facelift

It's no secret that most forms of clinical aesthetic enhancement are a bit of an investment. But since good investments typically pay off down the road, many types of facial rejuvenation remain as popular as ever. Two of the major players—facelift and dermal fillers—treat many of the same aesthetic complaints. If you're considering a facial …

Woman considering Facelift surgery in Tucson, AZ.

Can I Get Facelift Results Without Surgery?

Facelift surgery is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the face. The procedure tightens saggy skin and readjusts drooping muscles, helping you look like a younger version of yourself. However, as it is an extensive surgery that requires a dedicated recovery time, many of our facelift patients here in Tucson ask the same question: …

A woman poses for a portrait after getting her facelift procedure completed in Tucson, AZ.

4 Signs You Should Choose a Facelift Over Fillers

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a very personal decision. Many patients with sagging, wrinkled skin try dermal fillers first to see if they can avoid traditional surgical procedures. Unfortunately, although fillers and injectables can treat surface-level skin problems, they can’t fix all aging issues. Facelift surgery, on the other hand, tones and contours the …

A woman takes a selfie after getting a rhinoplasty procedure.

‘That’s My Nose?’—How Zoom Is Changing Our Self-Perception

Rarely have we as a society spent more time staring at ourselves. It started with selfies and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and, more recently, Tik Tok. The trend accelerated with the pandemic, as men and women suddenly found themselves participating in Zoom meetings and happy hours via FaceTime. Judging by the increased …