5 Signs You Could Benefit From CoolSculpting®

Woman after weight loss considering CoolSculpting in Tucson, AZ

We’ve all heard about so-called “trouble spots”—areas of the body where fat tends to accumulate even if you regularly hit the gym and watch what you eat. These areas typically differ for men and women, but CoolSculpting at our Tucson, AZ, practice can target unwanted fat in virtually any area of the body, thanks to an array of specialized applicators.

The question many women and men have is whether they’re good CoolSculpting candidates. A personal consultation with a board-certified specialist is the best way to answer that question. Still, a handful of signs may indicate you could benefit from the non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

A CoolSculpting Refresher

CoolSculpting treatments “freeze away fat” by delivering controlled cooling to targeted areas. It works because the cold temperatures destroy fat cells but aren’t cold enough to damage the skin’s surface or the tissue surrounding the fat cells. Learn more about what happens before, during, and after a treatment in our related blog post.

Are You Ready for CoolSculpting?

It’s important that people considering any fat reduction procedure, whether it’s CoolSculpting, another nonsurgical treatment, or liposuction, understand that these are not weight loss procedures. They are treatments that target isolated pockets of fat.

So, what are the signs that you’re ready for CoolSculpting?

  1. Your workouts have plateaued: Many people discover that they reach a point in their exercise regimens that their efforts are no longer paying off when it comes to reducing fat in certain areas. It might be a slight belly pooch for men or excess fat in a woman’s thighs. Patients often say they’re frustrated because they still feel self-conscious about certain areas even though they follow a consistent exercise program.
  2. You’re at or near your target weight: This also includes having a stable weight. People with fluctuating weight probably won’t benefit from CoolSculpting because it’s still possible to gain weight after the treatment if you’re not following a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Those “trouble spots” have pinchable fat: In areas such as the abdomen, flanks, upper arms, and chest, CoolSculpting creates slimmer contours so that you can no longer “pinch an inch.”
  4. You’re not interested in surgery: Liposuction removes excess fat from many of the same trouble spots that CoolSculpting targets. It’s a surgical procedure that involves making incisions and then inserting a thin tube, called a cannula, to suction fat from the body. Manual liposuction requires surgeons to forcefully move the cannula to break up the fatty tissue, and the trauma causes swelling and bruising. Recovery can take at least a week. For these reasons, many patients consider CoolSculpting at our Tucson practice a more attractive option.
  5. Waiting for noticeable results isn’t a problem: Fat cells targeted by CoolSculpting gradually die before the body removes them naturally through its lymphatic system. This means that it can be about 3 months before you’ll see the results of your CoolSculpting treatments. I say treatments because it typically requires more than one session to produce the desired outcome.

If these signs are familiar to you, CoolSculpting is a good choice. You can contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (520) 731-1110 to schedule an appointment.

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