DIY CoolSculpting®: Why it Just Won’t Work

Person holding ice cubes trying to use for DIY CoolSculpting

The science behind CoolSculpting seems straightforward: when fat cells are frozen and destroyed, the body eliminates them, causing a slimming effect. This deceptively simple process has inspired some people to attempt to re-create the treatment at home—an effort that is both ineffective and dangerous. With CoolSculpting, our Tucson and Sierra Vista-area patients can count on both safety and proven results, thanks to our FDA-cleared devices and trained providers.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why working with a professional is the only safe and successful way to freeze your fat, and why some things simply aren’t meant to be DIY-ed.

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical body contouring procedure that works through a process called cryolipolysis. This process freezes and kills targeted fat cells, causing the body to naturally eliminate them. The CoolSculpting device is designed to safely freeze this fat without harming skin or other surrounding tissues.

Using suction and controlled cooling to effectively freeze cells within the targeted area, the device slims stubborn fat pockets down without requiring any surgery or anesthesia. As soon as the 35 to 60-minute treatment is over, you can quickly return to your usual activities.

DIY CoolSculpting

As this treatment has grown in popularity, DIY approaches have inevitably become more widespread. These attempts usually include strapping on a belt of ice packs or exposing the skin to dry ice to kickstart the freezing process. Needless to say, these methods don’t achieve great results. In fact, they’re more likely to cause harm than they are to reduce any fat.

Why It Won’t Work

Why can’t you freeze your own fat at home? There are a few reasons:

  • Insufficient continuous cooling: Ice packs quickly absorb heat and melt, so you won’t get fat cells down to a cool enough temperature or achieve precise enough control over the temperature to effectively cause cryolipolysis.
  • One-directional freezing: Applying superficial cooling only freezes the fat from one direction, whereas CoolSculpting freezes it from multiple angles to penetrate deep into the fat layer and create noticeable results.
  • Lack of suction: When exposed to the cold, fat cells typically move away from the surface to avoid being frozen. The CoolSculpting device uses suction to pull these cells to the surface and hold them in place as the treatment occurs.

Most significantly, these DIY approaches are dangerous. Without proper protection for your skin, you can easily get frostbite and damage your tissues—something the CoolSculpting device is designed to prevent.

Why Real CoolSculpting Is Worth It

When you opt for CoolSculpting at a qualified practice, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a trained CoolSculpting provider. This professional will be able to help you strategically target the right areas and develop a treatment plan in line with your goals. You’ll be cared for in a trustworthy setting where your safety and wellbeing will be closely watched by trained medical team members.

Additionally, you’ll actually get the great results you’ve been looking for. You’ll be able to count on fat reduction that is noticeable and doesn’t cause harm to your body.

To see examples of the CoolSculpting results you can expect here at Foothills Facial Plastic Surgery, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about CoolSculpting in Tucson, please contact us online or call (520) 731-1110.

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