Say Goodbye to the Cookie Cutter Nose Job

Family With Unique Noses Holding Cookie Cutters

Do you have a preconceived idea of what a traditional nose job looks like? It might be a little outdated. Patients who come to me for rhinoplasty here in Tucson are beginning to ask for results that are unique—and I’m excited about it. In 2019, it’s safe to say that the “cookie cutter” nose job is out. There’s no universally perfect nose that suits everyone. Instead, today’s rhinoplasty is all about shaping results around each individual.

The Rhinoplasty of the Past

In the past, the primary objective of rhinoplasty was to reduce the size or prominence of the nose—or certain features of the nose. While this technique is still used for certain patients today, it’s only 1 of many options for reshaping the nose. Unfortunately, the previous approach to rhinoplasty also favored a European look, using a very narrow definition of aesthetic preference. Today, both surgeons and patients know better. The human nose has a lot of character, and it tells a bit of a story. To erase the specific qualities that make each nose unique would be a shame—and a little bit boring.

Today’s Creative Options

Today’s patients more frequently zero in on the specific features of their noses, opting to improve 1 area in particular rather than completely overhauling the entire nose. This approach allows me to create a completely custom-tailored nose that reflects the patient’s individuality while still shaping and molding it to harmonize better with their natural facial features.

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Another interesting trend that we’re beginning to see is the popularity of secondary nose jobs. This option is for patients who have already undergone rhinoplasty in the past—perhaps 1 of those homogenized approaches I discussed earlier. Motivated by today’s trend toward a more natural appearance, these patients come to me for a revisionary surgery that replaces some of the “imperfections” that another surgeon might have removed. During this type of procedure, I can create a nasal hump, change the shape of the tip, or make 1 of many other adjustments.

Nonsurgical Solutions

In my practice, I also offer a nonsurgical approach to rhinoplasty. Using injectable fillers, I can make temporary improvements to the size or shape of the nose—many of the same improvements that traditional rhinoplasty can make. Many patients, especially people on the younger side, use this option as a “test drive” before committing to surgical rhinoplasty. They can experiment with new looks without committing to them permanently. The results of most nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures wear off after about 2 years.

In my practice, I also use computer imaging to help patients build their desired outcomes. This software captures a picture of your face and renders it to a manipulatable image, allowing us to work together to build your perfect result before you have surgery. Check out my photo gallery to see what I’ve done for past patients or contact my office to book your own appointment.

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