Making Your Facelift Last

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Committing to undergo facelift here in Tucson is a decision about investing in your long-term looks as well as your sense of self-confidence. The procedure is noted for its staying power, often creating results that can last for more than a decade. But the human body is dynamic, and plastic surgery results don’t usually last forever. So how can you keep your results looking as good as possible—for as long as possible? If making your facelift last is a top priorty, check out the tips below for preserving your youthful glow.

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Before & After Facelift

Skip the Sun

Sun damage is the primary cause of premature aging, and it’s a sneaky thing. UVA and UVB rays can break through clouds and damage skin on rainy days, in cold weather, and even when you’re sitting in a car. Our favorite way to preserve the quality of your skin—whether or not you’ve had a facelift—is by keeping your skin well-protected. This means getting into the habit of applying a high-quality, broad-spectrum SPF each morning, rain or shine. If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, sweating, or swimming, you should also plan to reapply sunscreen about every 3 hours. Finally, whenever it’s practical to do so, you should avoid the sun altogether.

Let Health Shine Through

The same healthy habits your primary care physician encourages for overall health and wellness can also preserve the longevity of your facelift! The most important steps you can take are avoiding smoking and maintaining a steady weight. Smoking wreaks havoc on your skin in a number of ways. Nicotine stains your skin and it’s also a known vasoconstrictor, which means it shrinks blood vessels, reducing the amount of blood and oxygen that can be delivered to the skin.

Maintaining a steady weight isn’t just good for your heart, joints, and metabolic system. It can also keep your skin tight. Each time your weight fluctuates—in either direction—you lose or gain volume beneath your skin. Your skin needs to adjust to fit this volume, and losing or gaining a significant amount of weight can lead to sagging and other unfavorable effects.

Bring It to Your Bathroom

Great results don’t start and end in our office. To really make the most of your facelift, we recommend using the highest quality skincare products you can get your hands on. Clinical-grade skincare products are manufactured with generous quantities of specially processed active ingredients, often stabilized or crosslinked for maximum efficacy. We can help you choose the right options to accent your routine and amp up your medicine cabinet!

Touch Up!

Although it’s not usually necessary to undergo an additional clinical procedure to maintain your results, a touch-up can help if you have minor aesthetic concerns. Laser resurfacing treatments can improve the integrity of your skin, and injectable treatments are great for selectively reducing lines and wrinkles.

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