Rhinoplasty Recovery: How To Care for Yourself at Home

A woman rests at home after getting her rhinoplasty procedure.

At our practice, we offer rhinoplasty (also known as a “nose job”) to help Tucson men and women reshape their noses. The experience can be transformative as the nose helps create balance and harmony among all of your facial features. But like any other surgery, there’s a significant recovery period before your final results are revealed. You may not know what to do once you’ve driven home and are in charge of your own post-op care.

The measure of recovery after rhinoplasty is defined by the amount of swelling and bruising you experience. This blog will outline how you can help support your body and reduce these side effects in the comfort of your own home. 


Unlike other plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift or a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty recovery time isn’t as dependent on your body. Your nose may feel stuffed up or swollen in the days after treatment, but you should overall feel physically comfortable. Remember: Don’t rush into intense physical activities just because you have minimal discomfort or you’re bored.

  • Avoid strenuous activities, such as running or weight lifting, for 10 days after surgery.
  • Refrain from using glasses the first 1-2 weeks after surgery as they can put pressure on the bridge of your nose. 
  • When resting, prop yourself up with 2 pillows to keep your head elevated and reduce swelling. 
  • Avoid wearing clothes you need to pull over your head as your top could accidentally pull on your nose. 


A healthy diet is one of the easiest ways to give your body the support it needs after surgery. Go grocery shopping beforehand and plan a few quick meals with easily digestible ingredients.

  • Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods that will give your body energy. 
  • Avoid red meat and dairy products as they can potentially upset your stomach. 
  • If you struggle with constipation after surgery, try a fiber supplement or a mild laxative. 


While most patients experience a minimal amount of discomfort, your doctor will likely prescribe some pain medication. Follow your doctor’s instructions and take all medicine as directed—especially antibiotics that require a full course. 

  • If pain medicine makes your stomach uneasy, take your anti-nausea medication first then try taking your pills with food.
  • Remember to take all your medication at regular intervals to stay on top of any potential pain or swelling. 


Even simple activities, such as bathing or showering, may feel a bit more complicated after rhinoplasty. Keep your incisions clean and be gentle when washing around the treated area. 

  • You can safely take a shower 1 day after surgery. 
  • Avoid spraying water directly on your nose, but it’s OK to get your nose and stitches wet. 
  • Do not bathe or get into hot tub for 10 days due to risk of bleeding.
  • • After your stitches are out, you will be given instructions on taping your nose to target swelling.

Recovery can feel like an overwhelming experience if you’re not sure what to expect. By following these easy rhinoplasty guidelines, you can feel safe and confident in the comfort of your home. 

If you’re interested in rhinoplasty surgery here in Tucson, please request a consultation online. You can also contact our helpful office staff by phone at (520) 731-1110.

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